Nyzo techNyzo team technology proposals

Nyzo team technology proposals

This section contains technology proposals from the Nyzo team.

Each NTTP has a price for which we are willing to provide an implementation. While we enjoy working on Nyzo, it is a system that has real value. In such a system, those adding value to the system deserve to be compensated for their time, effort, and expertise.

Anyone is welcome to pay for an NTTP. We will not post an NTTP unless we think it is a good idea. Each NTTP has an implementation timeline specified. If we do not deliver implementation of an NTTP within the timeline specified, we will refund the payment to the source account.

NTTP timelines run serially. So, if an NTTP with an implementation timeline of 4 weeks is paid, and then an NTTP with an implementation timeline of 2 weeks is paid immediately therafter, then the second NTTP will be due 6 weeks from its approval, not 2 weeks from its approval.

We have gone to exceptional lengths to explain the design and implementation of Nyzo. Anyone with appropriate programming skill and a desire to learn can review more than 110 postings of detailed release notes to learn about the system. All of our code is licensed with the Unlicense. This is a far freer license than the GPL, BSD, or LGPL. We have also gone to exceptional lengths to limit dependencies and tools that you need to use to understand and develop this codebase.

If an NTTP is implemented properly by another developer, documented appropriately, and open-sourced with the Unlicense or otherwise put into the public domain, we will merge it into our codebase. We will not merge any code using a copyleft license.

NTTP-1: account aliasesNTTP-2: cycle stability (rescinded)NTTP-3: cycle transactions (completed)NTTP-4: WordPress pluginNTTP-5: Micropay for Chrome extension (completed)NTTP-6: sentinel disk-space monitoringNTTP-7: linear IP lottery (completed)NTTP-8: elimination of queue (rescinded)NTTP-9: blockchain version 3