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Chrome browser extension

The Chrome browser extension is available in a separate repository, not the shared codebase used for the verifier, sentinel, client, and documentation server.

We recommend using a separate account for the extension. Keep a small amount of coins in that account. If your key used for the extension is compromised, this will minimize your losses.

For a line-by-line explanation of how the extension works, please read the release notes:

Configuring the extension

After installing the extension, be sure it is pinned to your Chrome toolbar for easy access.

pin extension to toolbar screenshot

When pinned, a Nyzo icon will appear in the top toolbar of Chrome. When you click on the extension for the first time, a button will be displayed requesting configuration.

screenshot of the extension showing the configure button

The options page requires a private key, base tip, maximum Micropay amount (for purchased content), maximum per-transaction automatic amount (for applications and gaming), and maximum automatic authorization. The automatic authorization is the amount that you will pre-authorize per receiver account for automatic transactions to be sent later. The private key is stored in local, unencrypted storage. Use an expendable, low-value account to minimize losses in case of compromise.

screenshot of options page with empty fields

When you have entered valid values, the field backgrounds change from red to green. The values are stored automatically as you enter them.

screenshot of options page with valid values in all fields

If you ever want to revisit this menu to change any settings, right-click on the extension icon and select Options.

screenshot showing how to open options menu

Sending a tip

Now, on any page that accepts Nyzo tips, buttons appear to allow you to easily send amounts of 1x, 2x, and 5x the base tip amount you entered.

tip buttons

When you click on a tip button, the popup will indicate that the tip is being sent. This should show only briefly.

sending tip

A confirmation lets you know that the tip was received, forwarded to the cycle, and scheduled for inclusion in the blockchain. If there are any errors or warnings, they are displayed here.

tip sent


This page is configured to accept Micropay tips from the browser extension. Examples for several Micropay-enabled use cases are implemented in the Micropay section. The div element below this paragraph contains the information necessary to allow this page to receive tips from the extension, and it displays an image indicating whether the extension is installed and activated in this browser.

Nyzo image indicating this page accepts tips and the browser extension is installed and activated Nyzo image indicating this page accepts tips but the browser extension is not installed and activated

Receiving payments

If you are interested in implementing a page to receive tips, sell content with Micropay, or otherwise utilize the extension, please visit the Micropay system design page.